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How it works | Landlotto

How it works

1. Register

Registration on the platform can either be online/offline:
- Users makes an online registration after which he /she gets an ID number or Code to qualify for the raffle draw.
- Manual registration by our promoters stationed at designated locations for offline registration after which users gets a code which is their unique number to qualify for the raffle draw.


2. Buy a Ticket

After you've registered, you can proceed to Pay slated amount designated for any category of your choice. You can buy multiple tickets for multiple draws Cash Prize & Grand Prize at the same time. Plus the more tickets you buy, the greater your chances of winning. To sweeten the deal even more. Go on, register and get in the game!

Buy ticket

3. Win

Watch the live draw, and win! It's that simple. If one of your tickets get picked, you win! You'll be notified in our account and via email. Then, you can reach out of us to claim your prize.